Alex Saves Christmas, by Al Walser

"Alex Saves Christmas"; a story of challenge, inspiration, and success, by Al Walser.
In this wonderfully uplifting new story, the author artfully melds fact, fantasy, and history. Of note is the acknowledgement of Liechtenstein's historical achievement; its 300 years celebration on or about 1/23/2019, which is bound to generate extraordinarily euphoric excitement in "the world's smallest wonderland" located between Austria and Switzerland. Students of Economics may also be aware of other historically significant Liechstenstein characteristics.
Alex The Reindeer has unique features of individuality. He has a two-toned coat; one side black, the other white. His antlers sprinkle gold dust. He can fly. His uniqueness allows him to experience the discomfort of loneliness. Readers of "Alex Saves Christmas" may enjoy noting that even Santa is inspired after meeting Alex The Reindeer; for Santa found it prudent and advantageous to show perseverance towards achieving a goal after getting Alex's help "to save Christmas". 
This reader was moved by the sensitive showcasing of Alex's unique gifts. The  essence of "Alex Saves Christmas" is seen to be encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring. The author, Al Walser, has captured and presented an enormous amount of insight and sagacity in a small package; clear evidence of his capabilities of creative genius. It is expected that "Alex The Reindeer" will inspire many as he outlives his creator. This quick read will generate warm sentiments, while supporting long lasting and substantive memories.

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