HI! Welcome to the Official MONTY GUY music website. Thanks for coming. All of my albums will be listed here; along with links to other approved websites. In addition to the entire discography, song lyrics and other items of interest will be provided. For example, some internet outlets are offering some early MONTY GUY vinyl discs at outrageous prices. MELOTONE-MUSE, my new management group, has secured some earlier projects on 45RPM and 33RPM vinyl media, and has agreed to release them to my audiophile fans, as collectibles, at more reasonable prices (plus shipping) while stocks last. Also, from time to time, some of the earlier material will be re-engineered to make it available for your consideration and listening pleasure in this exciting digital age. You will see what is available. In the meantime, please enjoy the information on this site. The recent addition to our Easy Listening Orchestral Pop music catalog is the dynamic sound engineered CD collection entitled "COSMIC BLISS". This CD is now in general distribution, and features the well liked track "Work Your Mojo Tonight". Also included is a new performance of the artistically challenging ballad called "Your Love Saved Me Tonight". It is exciting to have received an invitation to include "Cosmic Bliss" in the 56th GRAMMY celebration. Yet, we are enthusiastically completing SATIN HEARTBEAT; the newest CD in our music catalog. This collection features the new composition "Tango Of Love". This new CD was produced using the refined Dynamic Sound Engineering Recording (DSER) process for enhanced listening pleasure which was discovered while creating the CD entitled "Above The Clouds". SATIN HEARTBEAT, while being praised recently by some critics for its 'New Romantic sound and style", has enjoyed a successful launch sequence. It is currently on its way through the cybersphere to dock at various websites near you. In fact, SATIN HEARTBEAT is on schedule for its official release date of September 5, 2013. Meanwhile, many of our long standing Digital Distribution partners are already uploading the CD's material to their websites for your enjoyment and convenience. Currently included on that list is CD Baby, Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, Tradebit, Last.fm, Spotify, 24-7, Rdio, Muve Music, and others. All of the titles in the MONTY GUY CD catalog are available in physical CD, MP3, and via digital download formats from many well regarded internet distribution sources; including your favorite music download sites. Thanks for the Love and all your kind support. I hope that you continue to enjoy my original, yet contemporary Easy Listening Orchestral Pop genre and music styling; as "quality sound that's worth the listening" (TM). MONTY GUY. "YOU HEAR US FOR WE SOUND SO GOOD" (TM)

Monty Guy: Satin Heartbeat
Monty Guy: Cosmic Bliss
Monty Guy: Above the Clouds

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