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"'Do Me Like That' is a great track - love it"!
Al Walser, CEO, Cut The Bull Entertainment, The Recording Academy - New Fan, Friend, & Supporter (Nov 2, 2012)
Monty Guy lyrics strike a chord between lyricism and music. (The song creations showcase) Rhapsodic and rhythmic tones of Monty Guy ... - World Wide Web (Nov 3, 2012)
Rating for
Website Quality Reputation & Safety Rating Review - World Wide Web (Dec 2, 2012)
" that song that first comes on on your site "My Lover and Friend".
Steve Ryan - Steve Ryan Band, The Recording Academy (Apr 22, 2013)
"Thank you! I'm enjoying it! I believe my favorite track is number 7 - My Heart's One Desire. I like the laid back groove of this track, as well as the sentiment".
Laura Sullivan, Composer/Pianist - Laura Sullivan, Composer/Pianist, GRAMMY Award Winner, The Recording Academy (Mar 23, 2013)
"Check out Monty Guy Work Your Mojo Tonight lyrics - another terrific addition to the already magnificent Monty Guy lyrics collection. Work Your Mojo Tonight lyrics are part of the Monty Guy album (COSMIC BLISS) that features an amazing beat and vocals". - (Jun 25, 2013)
Listening right now to your web site cuts. Very tight stuff!
Peter Alexander, Composer/Performing Artist; The Recording Academy - Email to MONTY GUY (Aug 8, 2013)
MONTY GUY- Work Your Mojo Tonight; Übersetzung
(Lyrics in German)

Ich habe eine Nachricht per E-Mail
Sieht aus wie ich beschäftigt heute werde
My Lady Botschaft sagte: "nicht scheitern
... zu kommen und tue deine Pflicht right"
Sie fühlt sich wirklich gestresst
Sie hatte ein sehr harter Tag bei der Arbeit
Und sie ruft mich über
Um ihre Anspannung zu lindern und verletzt

((: Sie sagte zu kommen und die mojo
Gib mir, dass eine gute mojo
Ich will deinen süßen mojo heute
Zeigen Sie mir, dass eine gute mojo
Gib mir all deine mojo
Ich brauche meine Babys mojo heute :))

Ich ließ alles, was ich tat,
Musste wie ein Arzt auf Abruf zu bewegen
Notdienst ...
Muss platziert größter allem werden
Natürlich habe ich Interesse unverfallbar
Ich weiß, das Thema so sehr gut
Plus, zeigte sie ein gutes Urteilsvermögen
Soweit ich sagen könnte ... wenn
Chorus: - (Aug 8, 2013)
About the song "Hanging Tough" from the vinyl album OPUS GROOVE 2000: "Cool, funky, exciting. ...very nice!"

"Great rhythm with clean vocals, I very much enjoyed listening"!

Kevin Mongelli, Piano Compositions & Performance; Member, The Recording Academy (NARAS) - Email Correspondence (May 27, 2014)
Dina, a new fan in Mozambique just heard "The Beautiful Magic Of You" on the Monty Guy Radio site on the JANGO website, and wrote "GOSTOOOOOOOOOOOO".
Dina, New Monty Guy Fan - Jango Radio (Sep 2, 2014)
I wanted to let you know that I took a listen to your record Euphoria and thought it was fantastic. Brass Menagerie in particular was really well done.
Greg Spero, Composer, Recording Artist; Member, The Recording Academy - Email Review (Oct 25, 2014)
"I'm listening to your Satin Heartbeat samplers at work and digging it big time. I love how it is not over produced, the music perfectly supporting your smooth voice and lyrics, it just has a nice funky groove".
Madi Das; Member, The Recording Academy; Recording Artist; GRAMMY Awards Participant - Email To Artist (Sep 25, 2015)
"You've got a good thing going..."
Program Director KHTP Hot FM Radio Phoenix - Email Contact (Mar 25, 2016)
"HI, MONTY GUY. You've got a good sound"
Best Pop Album; April 2016
'Monty Guy delivers a compelling and distinct album with enchanting piano, graceful synths, and flawless arrangements tying it all together; each song richly worthy of mention.'
"Good Music".

"Hungry For You" b/w "Once Upon A Time". The Special Edition 7", 45RPM single that launched Monty Guy's recording career.

"INCREDIBLE "sleeper single" with a Funky A side and Catchy B side". 

(The song "Hungry For You" is included on the 'LOVE JAMBOREE' 33RPM LP; Monty's first 12" album release).

Jerseyben, Recording Archivist and Music Historian - Discogs; Internet Review (May 26, 2016)
WINNER: "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review"

Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album, June 2016.

'Monty Guy's genius resides equally in his deft rhythms and vibrant alt pop vocal constructions - listening to 'Intergalactic Tour And Showtime Review' is a surprising experience, elevated by jazzy flourishes and thoughtful interludes.'
"It's an interesting music"!

Hey Monty! Loved the new music! The arrangements were very cool. Loved the quick melodic moves in the vocal and brass lines. The vocal line was unusual, fresh and hip. Interesting turns. It was very cool how you released the music as songs as well as instrumentals. Like the Spanish twist! Thanks again for sharing this music with me!

Vicente Avella, Pianist, Film Score Composer; Recipient, Global Music Award of Excellence; Voting Member, The Recording Academy/GRAMMY® Awards - Email Contact (Jul 17, 2016)
Re: Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review

"Refreshing and Entertaining"!

"Monty Guy is always tremendously entertaining. With his widespread influence of 70's lovely pop sounds, all his albums are worth multiple listens...(he) blends enchanting rhythms with vibrant sounds of a variety of instruments that is refreshing every single time I listen to it".
"Sounds great!"
'Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review' by Monty Guy.

"Interesting, exciting, and enjoyable"!

Sophia Agranovich, Internationally acclaimed Piano Soloist, Chamber Musician, Recording Artist, Juilliard Graduate, Steinway Artist, Member The Recording Academy (NARAS) - Email Correspondence (Oct 26, 2016)

Have been listening...''congrats on the great music"! 
Intergalactic Tour & Showtime Review 
‘What You Do To Me’ has a stunning upbeat feel, and the brass section on ‘I want To Know’ got me hooked! Beautiful arrangements, I particularly liked ‘Love For You Is All My Fault’ and the neat percussion on ‘The Beautiful Magic Of You II’. 
Addictive music…I have to warn you!

Wouter Kellerman, International Musician, GRAMMY AWARD WINNER, Member The Recording Academy (NARAS) - iTunes (Oct 26, 2016)
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