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Monty Guy shares feature article link with Fans - November 14, 2016

Monty Guy recently received a ' Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album' award for his recent CD release entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review". In addition, his previously released CD, the well liked "SATIN HEARTBEAT" was selected to receive a "Best Pop Album" Award. Both accolades were bestowed by the Akademia Music Awards organization.

With the ever increasing world wide radio airplay popularity of the CD selection called "What You Do To Me", Monty's Fans, Friends, and Supporters were presented with a revealing feature article culled from an in-depth interview by Andrew Edwards, the well regarded music industry analyst and writer who is associated with the Marquix Global Network. The link to the new feature article is

Monty Guy accepted on 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Entry List - October 26, 2016

The new Monty Guy CD entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" has been accepted by The Recording Academy to participate in the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration scheduled for February 12, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The CD has received a place in the following categories:

Album Of The Year; Record Of The Year (Hot Love Tonight); Song Of The Year (Love For You Is All My Fault); Pop Solo Performance (What You Do To Me); Pop Vocal Album; Arrangement, Instrument and Vocals (Love For You Is All My Fault); Engineered Album, Non-Classical; and Recording Package.

"We attempted to produce a vibrant, yet, varied collection of song material; with a substantive ballad included for balance and enhanced listener appreciation", said Monty. The award from the Akademia Music Group as a 'Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album', indicated that we were on the right track. Also, our graphic design artists understood the project's concept direction, and created a magnificent CD cover art piece for presentation to our Fans, Friends, and Supporters.

It's wonderful to be included in the GRAMMYs. Our best accomplishment, to date, would be the tremendous display of warmth and enthusiastic support which we are receiving from Fans, Friends, and Supporters for our style of music creativity, said Monty. In addition, the opportunity to be included in so many International Radio Station playlists, is a development that causes us to exhibit a most appreciative state of wide eyed exhilaration. Of course, seeing the new CD included and featured so prominently on various 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Entry Lists is a most surprising and gratifying experience for which we will always be both thankful and extremely grateful.

The 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration promises to be both exciting and memorable for Artists, Producers, and Lovers of great music creativity.

MONTY GUY Friends In Motion; David Longoria - October 14, 2016

'The Journey' of the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration is exciting.
The well regarded international trumpeter/singer/music producer David Longoria just introduced his new release.
Known as "The Man with the Golden Horn", David composed and recorded the song "We Are One" to remind, promote, enhance, and inculcate social tolerance, harmony, and  understanding.
This exciting Contemporary Instrumental album called The Journey, is being called groundbreaking for the unique blend of  trumpet work along with an EDM/dance music soundscape. The songs are engaging and memorable.
'The Journey', features the joyful collaboration of more than 600 artists, spanning time, style, and genre, all singing together, to promote unity. The work was a  gigantic logistical and engineering challenge; recorded in numerous international studios including New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Houston, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and many other places. This has never been done before; crafting a pop song with more than 600 artists all singing in unison. The message is inspiring, and may well be significantly more powerful than the song. 
The 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration features Recording Artists who are highlighting and championing social consciousness with their passion, talent, and craftwork.

Shanti Samsara - World Music For Environmental Consciousness; Ricky Kej - October 8, 2016

Shanti Samsara-World Music For Environmental Consciousness, delivered a moving, poignant, and educational experience at the Dolby 88 Theatre venue last night in New York City.
The viewing experience, showed in clear light, exhilarating movement, and stunning motion graphics, the deleterious effects of the global warming phenomenon; from the  disappearance of the inhabited and picturesque nation of Kiribati, to the trauma of species decimation. The painful experience of the, perhaps necessary, though tragic relocation of the elephant population, is revealed through tears flowing from the eyes of those majestic creatures.
Man's inhumanity to man, is again exhibited by the wanton destruction of the rain forests. A startling point regarding those life giving eco-systems is their role as "The lungs of the world",as they convert toxic gases to life giving oxygen for the innumerable species that occupy this planet; while unique and spectacular creations in flora, fauna and species are lost forever from the planet Earth.
The collection of extraordinary videos accentuated the profound presence and life supporting contribution of the River Ganges, popularly and reverently referred to as "Ganga". 
To the delight of many guests, friends, and supporters, Wouter Kellerman accentuated an energetic and exciting evening with artful and passionate music performance embellishment; notwithstanding the solemn and sobering notes sounded by the tragic effects of global warming and the fact of a disappearing Kiribati; as the encroaching front line of destruction moves further afield, while rapidly approaching the very doorstep of all mankind residing upon the planet Earth. 
Ricky Kej, with the magnificent support of over 500 talented music creators from over forty countries, has provided us with a much needed spoonful of sugar with which to contemplate and digest the methods and meaning of humanity's profound, yet fragile, earthly existence and occupation upon the Earth; a shimmering jewel of living sentience coruscating in a grand, unfathomable, yet fascinating Universe.

HOT XR RADIO-HOT FM RADIO plays Monty Guy - October 4, 2016

HOT XR RADIO Network...
...Awards playlist inclusion to the song "What You Do To Me".

In The CD "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" by Monty Guy.

KHTL Los Angeles, California USA
KHTP Phoenix, Arizona USA
KHTS Shanghai, China
KHTI Istanbul, Turkey
KHTB Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation announces Grant Program - September 14, 2016

The Latin Recording Academy


Applicants can visit Deadline to apply is Nov. 2, 2016

MIAMI (Sept. 13, 2016) —The Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation® is now accepting applications for its 2017 Research and Preservation Grant Program, which was developed to fund projects aiming to protect and disseminate the heritage of Latin music.

Eligible applicants include musical and cultural institutions, nonprofit organizations, and scholars around the world who are leading initiatives related to the research and preservation of Latin music genres. Candidates will be reviewed by a committee of experts from across Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, and the United States.

Four projects will be bestowed with a grant of a maximum value of $5,000 each.

"Our focus and commitment have allowed the Foundation to position itself on the frontline of the preservation of Latin music heritage," said Manolo Diaz, Vice President of the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation. "In a short period of time we have been able to provide funding for important bodies of work, including preserving the digitization of rare 78 rpm analog recordings, the publication of the life works of distinguished Latin composers, as well as compilations of Latin music genres in lead sheet format. These works have painted colorful moments in history while helping to move forward the Latin music we admire today."

Research Grants will fund projects focused on Latin music historical research, anthropology, and folklore among other subjects.

Preservation Grants will support projects aiming to archive and preserve the heritage of Latin music.
The Latin Recording Academy.

Monty Guy Wins Invitation to IMA Celebration - August 11, 2016

Monty Guy wins invitation to Independent Music Awards celebration with the new CD "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review"; featuring the song "What You Do To Me". Listen now...and enjoy!

WINNER; Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album; Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review; June 2016; The Akademia Music Awards - June 17, 2016

'Monty Guy's genius resides equally in his deft rhythms and vibrant alt pop vocal constructions - listening to 'Intergalactic Tour And Showtime Review' is a surprising experience, elevated by jazzy flourishes and thoughtful interludes.'

WINNER; Best Pop Album; SATIN HEARTBEAT; The Akademia Music Awards, April 2016 - April 30, 2016

WINNER: Best Pop Album; April 2016
'Monty Guy delivers a compelling and distinct album with enchanting piano, graceful synths, and flawless arrangements tying it all together; each song richly worthy of mention.'

Dear Monty Guy,
We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Album for ‘Satin Heartbeat’ in the April 2016 Akademia Music Awards!

The results are now available and public at:
MONTY GUY MUSIC, on Facebook

Recording Academy issues Special Merit Awards; Lifetime Achievement, Trustees, Technical GRAMMY Awards - January 13, 2016

The Recording Academy issues Special Merit Awards.
Names Lifetime Achievement, Trustees, and Technical GRAMMY Awards.





SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2016) — The Recording Academy® announced its Special Merit Awards recipients today, and this year's Lifetime Achievement Award honorees are Ruth Brown, Celia Cruz, Earth, Wind & Fire, Herbie Hancock, Jefferson Airplane, Linda Ronstadt, and RUN DMC. John Cage, Fred Foster, and Chris Strachwitz are Trustees Award honorees; and EMT and Dr. Harvey Fletcher are Technical GRAMMY® Award recipients. A special ceremony and concert celebrating the honorees will be held in the spring of 2016. Additional details regarding the ceremony will be announced in the coming weeks.

"Each year, The Academy has the distinct privilege of honoring those who have greatly contributed to our industry and cultural heritage, and this year we have a gifted and brilliant group of honorees," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy." Their exceptional accomplishments, contributions, and artistry will continue to influence and inspire generations to come."

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors performers who have made contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording, while the Trustees Award recognizes such contributions in areas other than performance. Both awards are determined by vote of The Recording Academy's National Board of Trustees. Technical GRAMMY Award recipients are determined by vote of The Academy's Producers & Engineers Wing® Advisory Council and Chapter Committees, and are ratified by The Academy's Trustees. The award is presented to individuals and companies who have made contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.

About the Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees:

Ruth Brown* began her musical career in the church choir at the tender age of 4. A singer/songwriter, record producer, composer, and actress noted for bringing a pop music style to R&B music, Brown became one of the undisputed architects of the genre. She recorded a number of hit songs, including "I'll Wait For You," "I Know," "5-10-15 Hours," and "Mambo Baby." She later went on to have a successful theater career.

Celia Cruz* was one of the most popular salsa singers and performers in history. Known internationally as the "Queen of Salsa," the Cuban-American Cruz was a larger-than life-personality. She recorded 23 gold albums and was a recipient of the United States National Medal of Arts. Cruz received three GRAMMY Awards and four Latin GRAMMY Awards.

Six-time GRAMMY winners Earth, Wind & Fire were one of the most important and innovative contemporary pop/R&B musical forces of the 20th century. Members Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Johnny Graham*, Ralph Johnson, Al McKay, Fred White, Maurice White, Verdine White, and Andrew Woolfolk built the group's distinctive signature sound, which has remained profoundly influential. Successfully breaking down all musical genre boundaries since forming in 1969, they recorded seven #1 R&B singles and eight Top 10 pop albums. Earth Wind & Fire earned more than 50 gold and platinum album certifications and more than 90 million albums worldwide, placing them on the list of best-selling musical artists of all time.

One of the most revered and idiosyncratic figures in jazz, Herbie Hancock has been at the forefront almost every development in electronic and acoustic jazz and R&B. A stylistically diverse and ever-intriguing canon of songs, including "Maiden Voyage" and "Rockit," has helped earn him 14 GRAMMY Awards during his impressive five-decade-plus professional solo career.

Marty Balin, Jack Casady, Spencer Dryden*, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, and Grace Slick comprised Jefferson Airplane, pioneers of counterculture-era psychedelic rock. Emerging from the San Francisco scene to achieve international mainstream success, performing at the three most famous American rock festivals of the 1960s — Monterey (1967), Woodstock (1969), and Altamont (1969). Their 1967 album Surrealistic Pillow is regarded as one of the key recordings of the "Summer of Love." Two hits from that album, "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit," are among Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time."

With roots in the Los Angeles country and folk-rock scenes, Linda Ronstadt is one of the most popular interpretive singers of all time, earning a string of platinum-selling albums and Top 40 singles. Throughout the 1970s, her laid-back pop never lost sight of her folky roots, yet as Ronstadt moved into the 1980s, she began to change her sound with the times, adding new wave influences. Her later years saw the 10-time GRAMMY winner exploring traditional pop, Latin, and musical theater.

RUN DMC, comprising of Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell*, and Joseph "Reverend Run" Simmons, were one of the most influential and best-known acts in the history of rap. They were the first group in the genre to have a gold album (RUN DMC., 1984) and to be nominated for a GRAMMY Award. They were also the first hip-hop group to earn a platinum record (King Of Rock, 1985), and the first to earn multiplatinum certification (Raising Hell, 1986).

About the Trustees Award Honorees:

John Cage* was an avant-garde composer whose inventive works and unorthodox ideas profoundly influenced the entire music industry. His innovative ideas on composition and performance influenced a broad spectrum of artists including fellow musicians, dancers, choreographers, painters and more. Cage remained on the leading edge of both playful and profound experimentalism for the greater part of his career. One of Cage's best-known and most sonically intriguing innovations, the prepared piano, has become an almost commonplace compositional resource.

Music entrepreneur Fred Foster contributed a great deal to the Nashville music scene of the 1960s and 1970s as a producer and as the head of one of the city's strongest independent labels, Monument Records. He is best known for producing many classic hits by Roy Orbison. He also played a vital role in the career of Kris Kristofferson, and worked with Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Ray Stevens, among others. From 1960 to 1964, Foster produced the overwhelming bulk of hit songs with which Orbison is associated: "Only The Lonely," "In Dreams," "Running Scared," "Blue Bayou," "Blue Angel," "Dream Baby," "Crying," "Candy Man," "Mean Woman Blues," "It's Over," and "Oh, Pretty Woman."

Chris Strachwitz has made his living celebrating the music he loves – music that forms the fabric of both American and international culture. He is the founder of Arhoolie Records and produces much of the content he releases. To blues fans he is a legend, releasing seminal works by Mississippi Fred McDowell, Mance Lipscomb, Charlie Musselwhite, Rebirth Brass Band, Big Joe Williams, Big Mama Thornton, Lightnin' Hopkins, Earl Hooker, and Elizabeth Cotten, and many others. Strachwitz also produces Cajun music, highlighted by his releases by Clifton Chenier, and also focused on Mexican recordings, especially Norteño music.

About the Technical GRAMMY Award Recipients:

Known as the father of stereophonic sound, Dr. Harvey Fletcher* was a prominent physicist, credited with inventing the hearing aid and the first audiometer. Through his research, he was able to document and demonstrate the spatial effects of sound, which he called auditory perspective, or stereo. However, it was his profound interest in music that led Fletcher to partner with Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra, and this collaboration produced more than 100 stereo recordings. In his tests, listeners were often unable to distinguish the difference between the live orchestra and the recordings.

EMT (Elektro-mess-technik) was founded in Berlin in 1940, originally manufacturing high-end turntables. In 1957, the company made a huge breakthrough with the release of the EMT 140 Reverberation Unit — the first plate reverb. Upon its introduction, the EMT 140 Reverberation Unit quickly garnered popularity, providing a smoother substitute to spring reverb systems, simplifying the process of affecting recorded sound while providing the engineer with a more versatile and customizable interface than acoustic chambers. With the plates' introduction, the sound of popular music changed dramatically as evident in English recordings made at Abbey Road by the Beatles and Pink Floyd, as well as RCA Victor recordings by Nashville’s Chet Atkins and many others.

News from The Recording Academy.

MONTY GUY MUSIC Song Catalog On YouTube - January 2, 2016

MONTY GUY MUSIC Song Catalog...

Featured on YouTube...

Currently featuring 74 songs (vocals and instrumentals) from The MONTY GUY MUSIC song catalog.

Official website address;
Quick link:
#MontyGuy - YouTube

Easy Click subscription courtesy invitation extended to all Fans, Supporters, and Friends at the Quick Link website: #MontyGuy - YouTube

Developed by CD Baby and YouTube.

58th GRAMMY AWARDS; Nominations - December 7, 2015

Album Of The Year:
Sound & Color — Alabama Shakes
To Pimp A Butterfly — Kendrick Lamar
Traveller — Chris Stapleton
1989 — Taylor Swift
Beauty Behind The Madness — The Weeknd
Watch and share the Album Of The Year category roundup video

Record Of The Year:
"Really Love" — D'Angelo And The Vanguard
"Uptown Funk" — Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars
"Thinking Out Loud" — Ed Sheeran
"Blank Space" — Taylor Swift
"Can't Feel My Face" — The Weeknd
Watch and share the Record Of The Year category roundup video

Song Of The Year:
"Alright" — Kendrick Duckworth, Mark Anthony Spears & Pharrell Williams, songwriters (Kendrick Lamar)
"Blank Space" — Max Martin, Shellback & Taylor Swift, songwriters (Taylor Swift)
"Girl Crush" — Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna & Liz Rose, songwriters (Little Big Town)
"See You Again" — Andrew Cedar, Justin Franks, Charles Puth & Cameron Thomaz, songwriters (Wiz Khalifa Featuring Charlie Puth)
"Thinking Out Loud" — Ed Sheeran & Amy Wadge, songwriters (Ed Sheeran)
Watch and share the Song Of The Year category roundup video

Best New Artist:
Courtney Barnett
James Bay
Sam Hunt
Tori Kelly
Meghan Trainor
Watch and share the Best New Artist category roundup video

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance:
"Ship To Wreck" — Florence + The Machine
"Sugar" — Maroon 5
"Uptown Funk" — Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars
"Bad Blood" — Taylor Swift Featuring Kendrick Lamar
"See You Again" — Wiz Khalifa Featuring Charlie Puth

Best Dance Recording:
"We're All We Need" — Above & Beyond Featuring Zoë Johnston
"Go" — The Chemical Brothers
"Never Catch Me" — Flying Lotus Featuring Kendrick Lamar
"Runaway (U & I)" — Galantis
"Where Are Ü Now" — Skrillex And Diplo With Justin Bieber

Best Rock Performance:
"Don't Wanna Fight" — Alabama Shakes
"What Kind Of Man" — Florence + The Machine
"Something From Nothing" — Foo Fighters
"Ex's & Oh's" — Elle King
"Moaning Lisa Smile" — Wolf Alice

Best Alternative Music Album:
Sound & Color — Alabama Shakes
Vulnicura — Björk
The Waterfall — My Morning Jacket
Currents — Tame Impala
Star Wars — Wilco

Best Urban Contemporary Album:
Ego Death — The Internet
You Should Be Here — Kehlani
Blood — Lianne La Havas
Wildheart — Miguel
Beauty Behind The Madness — The Weeknd

Best Rap Album:
2014 Forest Hills Drive — J. Cole
Compton — Dr. Dre
If Youre Reading This Its Too Late — Drake
To Pimp A Butterfly — Kendrick Lamar
The Pinkprint — Nicki Minaj

Best Country Album:
Montevallo — Sam Hunt
Pain Killer — Little Big Town
The Blade — Ashley Monroe
Pageant Material — Kacey Musgraves
Traveller — Chris Stapleton

Best Jazz Instrumental Album:
My Favorite Things — Joey Alexander
Breathless — Terence Blanchard Featuring The E-Collective
Covered: Recorded Live At Capitol Studios — Robert Glasper & The Robert Glasper Trio
Beautiful Life — Jimmy Greene
Past Present — John Scofield

Best Gospel Album:
Destined To Win (Live) — Karen Clark Sheard
Living It — Dorinda Clark-Cole
One Place Live — Tasha Cobbs
Covered: Alive Is Asia [Live] (Deluxe) — Israel & Newbreed
Life Music: Stage Two — Jonathan McReynolds

Best Contemporary Christian Music Album:
Whatever The Road — Jason Crabb
How Can It Be — Lauren Daigle
Saints And Sinners — Matt Maher
This Is Not A Test — Tobymac
Love Ran Red — Chris Tomlin

Best Latin Pop Album:
Terral — Pablo Alborán
Healer — Alex Cuba
A Quien Quiera Escuchar (Deluxe Edition) — Ricky Martin
Sirope — Alejandro Sanz
Algo Sucede — Julieta Venegas

Best Americana Album:
The Firewatcher's Daughter — Brandi Carlile
The Traveling Kind — Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
Something More Than Free — Jason Isbell
Mono — The Mavericks
The Phosphorescent Blues — Punch Brothers

Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling):
Blood On Snow (Jo Nesbø) — Patti Smith
Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic Moments, And Assorted Hijinks — Dick Cavett
A Full Life: Reflections At Ninety — Jimmy Carter
Patience And Sarah (Isabel Miller) — Janis Ian & Jean Smart
Yes Please — Amy Poehler (& Various Artists)

Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical:
Jeff Bhasker
Dave Cobb
Larry Klein
Blake Mills

Best Music Film:
Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown — James Brown
Sonic Highways — Foo Fighters
What Happened, Miss Simone? — Nina Simone
The Wall — Roger Waters
Amy — Amy Winehouse
News from The Recording Academy

The Recording Academy lists 2016 Hall Of Fame Recordings - November 18, 2015


26 Recordings Added to the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame®
Residing at the GRAMMY Museum®

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Nov. 18, 2015) — Continuing the tradition of preserving and celebrating timeless recordings, The Recording Academy® has announced the newest additions to its vaunted GRAMMY Hall Of Fame®. This latest round of inducted recordings continues to highlight diversity and recording excellence, and acknowledges both singles and album recordings of all genres at least 25 years old that exhibit qualitative or historical significance. Recordings are reviewed annually by a special member committee comprised of eminent and knowledgeable professionals from all branches of the recording arts, with final approval by The Recording Academy's National Board of Trustees. With 26 new titles, the list, now in its 43rd year, currently totals 1,013 recordings and is on display at the GRAMMY Museum® at L.A. LIVE.

"The Recording Academy remains dedicated to celebrating a wide variety of great music through the decades," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy. "Spanning more than 50 years, the 2016 GRAMMY Hall Of Fame entries are an outstanding collection, marked by both historical and cultural significance. These works have influenced and inspired both music creators and fans for generations and we are proud to induct them into our catalog of distinguished recordings."

Representing a great variety of tracks and albums, the 2016 GRAMMY Hall Of Fame inductees range from the Andrews Sisters' "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)" to the Grateful Dead's American Beauty album. Also added to the highly regarded list are Blondie's "Heart Of Glass," Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful," John Coltrane's 1961 album Lush Life, Roberta Flack's 1969 album First Take, Fleetwood Mac's self-titled 1975 album, and the O'Jays' "For The Love Of Money." Other inductees include recordings by Jimmy Buffett, Fats Domino, Bob Dylan And The Band, John Lee Hooker, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, the Pretenders, and the Zombies, among others.

2016 GRAMMY Hall Of Fame Inductees
(Songwriters of singles in parentheses)

Grateful Dead
Warner Bros. (1970)

Bob Dylan And The Band
Columbia (1975)

John Lee Hooker
(John Lee Hooker)
Vee-Jay (1962)

Kool & The Gang
(Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, George Brown,
Eumir Deodato, Robert Mickens, Claydes
Smith, James Taylor, Dennis Thomas,
Earl Toon, Jr.)
De-Lite (1980)

James Brown And The Famous Flames
(James Brown, Alfred Ellis)
King (1967)

James Carr
(Chips Moman, Dan Penn)
Goldwax (1967)

Andrews Sisters
(Lew Brown, Sam H. Stept, Charlie Tobias)
Decca (1942)

Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong
Verve (1956)

Fats Domino
(Dave Bartholomew, Antoine Domino)
Imperial (1949)

Roberta Flack
Atlantic (1969)

Fleetwood Mac
Reprise (1975)

The O'Jays
(Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff,
Anthony Jackson)
Philadelphia International (1974)

(Deborah Harry, Chris Stein)
Chrysalis (1979)

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
(Jake Hooker, Alan Merrill)
Boardwalk (1982)

Little Eva
(Gerry Goffin, Carole King)
Dimension (1962)

John Coltrane
Prestige (1961)

Jimmy Buffett
(Jimmy Buffett)
ABC (1977)

Miles Davis Quintet
Columbia (1967)

The Pretenders
Sire (1980)

Randy Newman
Reprise (1968)

Lead Belly
Asch (1942)

Sir Douglas Quintet
(Doug Sahm)
Tribe (1965)

The Zombies
(Rod Argent)
Parrot (1964)

Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Decca (1939)

Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra
(Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf, Fats Waller)
Okeh (1929)

(Bruce Fisher, Billy Preston)
Joe Cocker
A&M (1974)
News from The Recording Academy.

16th Latin GRAMMY AWARDS Update - November 18, 2015



Diego Boneta, Miguel Bosé, René Camacho, Pedro Capó, Aída Cuevas, Leslie Grace,
Jesse & Joy, Kaay, Víctor Manuelle, Rita Moreno, Chino y Nacho, Génesis Rodríguez,
Zoe Saldaña, Enrique Santos, Johnny Sky, María Toledo, Diego Torres,
Paulina Vega, Julieta Venegas, and Yandel are Set To Present

Jacqueline Bracamontes and Roselyn Sanchez To Host The Biggest Night in Latin Music® Live on the Univision Network Nov. 19, 8 p.m. ET/PT

MIAMI (Nov. 18, 2015) —The stage for the 16th Latin GRAMMY AwardsTM will feature and international presenter lineup and talented musicians, including memorable collaborations. Presenters for the 16th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards — which include current Latin GRAMMY® nominees, previous winners and celebrities from film, radio and TV — are: Mexican actor Diego Boneta; Latin GRAMMY winner Miguel Bosé;current nominees René Camacho, Pedro Capó and Aída Cuevas; singer Leslie Grace; Latin GRAMMY-winning Mexican pop duo Jesse & Joy; current nominees Kaay; singer and current nominee Víctor Manuelle; Academy Award®, Emmy®, Tony, and GRAMMY winner Rita Moreno; Latin GRAMMY winners Chino y Nacho; actresses Génesis Rodríguez and Zoe Saldaña; radio and TV personality Enrique Santos; current nominees Johnny Sky, María Toledo and Diego Torres; Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega; Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY winner Julieta Venegas; and Latin GRAMMY winner Yandel.

Previously announced performers include Spanish singer/songwriter and current nominee Pablo Alborán;
regional Mexican singer and current nominee Julión Álvarez; six-time Latin GRAMMY winners and current nominees Banda El Recodo De Don Cruz Lizárraga; current nominees Bomba Estéreo and four-time GRAMMY winner Will Smith will share the stage for a show-stopping performance of their single "Fiesta (Remix)"; current nominees J Balvin and Farruko will perform alongside Major Lazer and mØ; current nominees and Afro-Colombian hip-hop group ChocQuibTown will be joined onstage by the Cuban ballet company of Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba; Colombian vallenato singer and current nominee Silvestre Dangond; Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY winner and current nominee Juan Luis Guerra; Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY winners Maná; urban artist and current nominee Nicky Jam will team with Jamaican-American singer Omi; Latin GRAMMY winner and current nominee Natalia Jiménez is set to share the stage with Italian pop trio Il Volo; three-time Latin GRAMMY winner and one of this year's leading nominees Natalia Lafourcade; reggaeton Colombian artist and current nominee Maluma will join with female group Fifth Harmony for a once-in-a-lifetime performance; Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY winner and current nominee Ricky Martin; current nominee Matisse; regional Mexican singer and current nominee Espinoza Paz; singer/songwriter and current nominee Prince Royce; Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY winner and current nominee Alejandro Sanz will perform alongside Paula Fernandes and Mariachi Sol De México; Puerto Rican singer/songwriter and current nominee Raquel Sofía; a special performance by 2015 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year Roberto Carlos; Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY winners Los Tigres Del Norte; and Latin GRAMMY winner Wisin in an unforgettable performance with Ricky Martin.

Mexican actress Jacqueline Bracamontes and Puerto Rican singer/songwriter and actress Roselyn Sánchez will co-host, together for the first time, the Latin music industry's premier event. The Biggest Night In Latin Music® will air live on the Univision Network Nov. 19 from 8–11 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. Central) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
News from The Latin Recording Academy.

Prelude To The 58th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration - November 6, 2015

Today began with fascination, and culminated with awe.

I listened to a female vocalist whose lineage is Persian, a pianist from Japan, and a classical guitarist from Cuba. I marveled at the spectacularly vibrant creative environment within the American experience, as it exploded with the breathtaking opulence of ethereal majestic splendor.

The quality of this creative talent had me transfixed. Another amazing thing is this; these individuals, along with their expert musician colleagues, are representative of a group of music creators whose love of the music Art form manifests itself in all imaginable genres. You name a style; and know that someone in this group creates it with panache, aplomb, and excellence.

These remarkable individuals create, document, and present visions of the mind, passions of the heart, longings of the soul, and the genius of will that exists within the human condition. Their artful skills are a representation of the luminescent manifestation of Life within the cosmic phenomenon described as ' the Universe'. Their songs are like gossamer wings of faith, hope, and dreams; constantly being presented to elevate the human condition. In addition, they are well regarded as sensitive civic contributors who support community growth and well-being.

The accompanying artistic mural (in this site's photo section), a collage of new music CD covers, is a modest, yet true, indicator of the breadth, depth, and beauty of their talent; created for the benefit, pleasure, enlightenment, and elevation of us all.
(CD mural by Rupam Sarmah).

KENTO MASUDA, International Artist On The Move - November 4, 2015

KENTO MASUDA, International Artist On The Move.

KENTO MASUDA received the distinguished title of “Maestro” from the Knights of the Order of St. Sylvester on December 6, 2014. Masuda was given the Title of Maestro, and also performed at the “Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro” celebration by Sancti Silvestri Societas in Tivoli, Italy. Masuda was also recognized by the Order of St. Sylvester’s Knights and included in the group of "Gentlemen" who are distinguished for their contributions with their musical genius and for involvement with charities.
“Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro” Concert in Tivoli, Italy“Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro” Concert in Tivoli, Italy. Monumentalis Ecclesiae Sancti Silvestri Societas “Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro”
Tivoli, 6 dicembre 2014 – 6th Dec. 2014 –
Associazione cavalieri di San Silvestro.

The SOIREE Magazine - October 26, 2015

This Day In Music History...
Al Walser publishes and distributes the inaugural edition of 'The SOIREE' Magazine...The music scene "Comes 2 Life"!!!

Vincent Lyn & Wouter Kellerman Perform at Carnegie Hall - October 10, 2015

Vincent Lyn & Wouter Kellerman perform at Carnegie Hall, NYC.

Vincent Lyn & Wouter Kellerman, with Friends, enthralled Carnegie Hall audience with passion, sensitivity, and artistic aplomb. Melissa Bailey contributes spirited and sparkling performance. Concert qualifies as a resounding success!

Musicians Illuminate Diplomatic Relations - September 12, 2015

EXTRAÑO CORAZÓN documents historical success in Diplomatic Relations with new music creativity.

More significant international history was recently celebrated with the recreation of mutual appreciation between Cuba and the USA.

Leading music award winners with affection for both countries collaborated to create the musical production unit called EXTRAÑO CORAZÓN.

The unit's new song "Adiós Te Digo" is an exciting and effervescent production created in time for the 58th GRAMMY AWARDS celebration.

The music style and genre are being described as Latin Rock. The music was created, recorded, and produced in both Cuba and the USA. While celebrating the rich contribution of Cuba's musical talent to the world's soundscape, EXTRAÑO CORAZÓN expertly combines the styles of Latin and Rock, much as their predecessors IRAKERE melded Latin style music creativity to the American jazz palette. The members of the unit are: Luben Garcia (vocals), Javier Rodriguez (guitar), Ivan Leyva (guitar/vocals), Dave Guglielmana (bass), Oscar Autie (drums/keyboards/producer/engineer).

The Latin Rock style of EXTRAÑO CORAZÓN, while being exciting and polished, promises to provide a contribution of enhanced clarity to burgeoning long term achievements in the performing arts and international relations.

Scottish National Jazz Orchestra jazz up Mozart - September 4, 2015

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.
SNJO jazzes up Mozart's 9th Piano Concerto, and Rocks the musical listening experience.

This ensemble's performance is true to the dignity, spirit, and excellent musicianship displayed by all of our favorite jazz style artists; be they singers, soloists, or group units throughout the past and modern ages of improvisational artistry and orchestral expression.

The fluid, yet exciting, delivery and technical execution of Makoto Ozone on piano, will satisfy and delight the staunchest of classical music enthusiasts. His lithe fingers delicately create excitingly fresh keyboard phrasings.

The recording's production quality is remarkably well represented by superb engineering skills. If not for the enthusiastic punctuation of warm and appreciative audience applause, any listener would emphatically declare this recording to be a studio production. Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO) Director and tenor saxophonist Tommy Smith has organized, crafted, and delivered an outstanding jazz ensemble recording; artfully embellished with his own well regarded tenor saxophone contribution.

Jeunehomme is delivered in three smooth and exciting movements that flow enchanting well, in a manner that respects a listener's time; while delivering exceptional pleasure to the music aficionado's ears, mind, and soul.

Jeunehomme by SNJO, is an oasis of enchanting musical delight. This new recording is an extraordinarily scintillating, exhilarating, and pleasurable musical odyssey.

Mr. G & Katherine share joy, get love at Wolftrap Children's Theatre In The Woods - July 16, 2015

Mr. G & Katherine take Joy to Wolftrap...get Love in return.

As part of its Children's Theatre in The Woods summer music series, Wolftrap featured the music and performance of Mister G & Katherine. As you know, this vibrant recording and performing unit recently received a Latin GRAMMY Nomination for their outstanding work to date. The two days performance series was well attended and enjoyed by enthusiastic music fans of all ages.

The program was celebrated as "A Bilingual Dance Fiesta for the Whole Family". The two days concert series is part of the national promotional tour in support of the wonderfully sparkling new CD production release entitled "Los Animales".

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC to host GRAMMY Summer Fest; May 2016 - July 15, 2015



The Recording Academy® Will Partner with Upsilon Ventures to Present Interactive Entertainment Experience Celebrating All Things Music and Musical Diversity in New York City

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (July 15 , 2015)
The Recording Academy®, the non-profit organization behind The GRAMMY Awards®, has partnered with producer and developer of iconic destinations and visitor experiences, Upsilon Ventures, and the New York City Mayor’s Office to present GRAMMY Park™, a performing arts festival that will celebrate the rich musical diversity of New York City. This first-time event will take place in one of New York’s most iconic locations, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, early May, 2016.

"As The Recording Academy recognizes musical excellence every year with our annual GRAMMY Awards, we also celebrate musical diversity year round through our many events and programs, and GRAMMY Park will do just that," said Branden Chapman, Executive In Charge Of Production & Chief Business Development Officer of The Recording Academy. "We're excited to offer the public the opportunity to experience music's many genres and share the cultural diversity of the GRAMMYs, and there is no better place to do this than the Big Apple."

"All year long Brooklynites and New Yorkers flock to Prospect Park to attend free concerts, get fit and stay healthy, and simply take in the beautiful scenery," said NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP. "We look forward to working with The Recording Academy to provide visitors with another cultural opportunity to celebrate all things music and New York City’s diversity."

Over the course of five days, GRAMMY Park will provide New Yorkers and visitors from around the world with a unique opportunity to take a special musical journey, both on stage and behind the scenes. The event will feature live multi-genre concerts and will integrate intimate showcases, free community-based programming, and interactive experiences. In addition, there will be a daily line-up of engaging activities, productions and demonstrations presented by an exclusive lineup of marquee brands. A majority of the events will be free to the public, with tickets available at locations across the city.

An artistic advisory committee has been established to formally assist with the development of the GRAMMY Park project. Including respected artists within different genres and disciplines, serving on the committee will be GRAMMY Award winners Joshua Bell, Melissa Etheridge, Renée Fleming, Alicia Keys, Cyndi Lauper, Christian McBride, Arturo O’Farrill, Billy Porter, Questlove and Nile Rodgers; GRAMMY-nominated artists A-Trak and Just Blaze; and ballet star Wendy Whelan.

"We are honored to work with The Recording Academy, and also look forward to working with the New York City Mayor’s Office and New York City Parks to create a multi-faceted experience that has never been done before. New York City is the epicenter for music and over the course of five days we intend to take guests of GRAMMY Park on a musical journey that blends best-in-class concerts, and experiences and events with local, national and international artists," said Itai Shoffman and Sar Inbar, Principals of Upsilon Ventures.

Additional details regarding GRAMMY Park, including lineup and tickets, will be announced in the coming months.
News from The Recording Academy. website Newspage.


Laura Garciacano Sobrino

"The Mariachi Queen"
Inductee, Mariachi Hall of Fame 2004
Laura Garciacano Sobrino was first dubbed the "Mariachi Queen" in 1995 by the Los Angeles Times. In 1996, an NBC national morning show featured a segment on her as a pioneer female mariachi and as a positive role model for the new generation of mariachi musicians.

Mrs. Sobrino began playing the violin in elementary school in her hometown of Watsonville, CA when she was eight years old. She received music awards through-out her public education. After graduating from Aptos High School in 1972, her career as a semi-professional mariachi began in 1975 while studying for her B.A. in music at the University of California in Santa Cruz. After finishing her studies, she moved to the Los Angeles area to perform professionally, becoming the first woman to play in some of the nation's most prestigious mariachi groups, including the Mariachi Los Galleros de Pedro Rey and the Mariachi Sol de México de José L. Hernández. Laura Sobrino is the former director and lead violinist for the Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles, and was originally responsible for searching for the female talent in that mariachi. Mrs. Sobrino is currently the musical director and violinist for the new all-female mariachi show group, "Mariachi Mujer 2000."

Throughout those years, she also taught mariachi musicians, young and old, at local colleges and in her home. Laura has had many students continue on to become professional mariachi performers and singers. She was even the first teacher for professional recording artists like Tatiana Bolaños (Sony International), Nydia Rojas (Arista Records) and Friné Medrano. Ms. Sobrino has also been one of the featured instructors for the workshops at many of the well-known mariachi festivals nationwide. Currently, she is teaching mariachi classes privately (youth groups and at Montclair High School in Montclair, CA) and at East Los Angeles College (Music 134). Laura is also involved with mariachi performance through the free-lance circuit in the Los Angeles area.

It was through these classes that she recognized the need for transcribing mariachi music for the non-mariachi musician. She decided to begin her own publication distribution in order to provide a more exemplary repertory from the mariachi tradition. For this reason, Ms. Sobrino initiated her own publishing company, the Mariachi Publishing Company. Two of her transcriptions were purchased by the Southern Music Company from Texas and have been selling world-wide. A new music book was released in February 2002 with Mel Bay Publications, "Mariachi Violin Transcriptions," written by Laura Sobrino. She resided in Whittier, CA with her husband, Dan, and two children, Nicté and Nazul.
Article published by the Mariachi Publishing Company.

KING OF THE BLUES - May 15, 2015

(The Legendary Beale Street Blues Boy; Riley B. King)

Written by Bill Copeland.
B.B. King, “the King of the Blues,” whose stinging guitar solos and husky, full-throated vocals made him an international music icon and the most commercially successful performer in blues history, died Thursday in Las Vegas, his attorney told the Associated Press. He was 89.

The winner of 15 Grammy Awards, the most in the blues genre, Mr. King achieved his success despite having only one Top Twenty single, “The Thrill Is Gone,” which reached number 15 on the pop charts in 1970. His distinctive singing voice, which ranged with ease from commanding roar to beseeching falsetto, has for decades been part of the soundscape of music lovers the world over.

He earned that place through countless performances of blues standards like “Everyday I Have the Blues” and “How Blue Can You Get” or such compositions of his own as “Rock Me Baby,” and “Sweet Little Angel.”

Mr. King was a key transitional figure between the blues and rock ’n’ roll. Where such older bluesmen as Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf helped inspire young English and American rockers in the ’60s, Mr. King influenced them directly. His single-note guitar style, with its heavy vibrato, bent notes, and near-vocal tone provided a model for such rock guitarists as Mike Bloomfield, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Ironically, Mr. King’s style sprang from an inability to play slide guitar. He strove, with unrivaled success, to achieve slide effects using just his fingers. “I wanted to sustain a note like a singer,” Mr. King wrote in “Blues All Around Me,” his 1996 autobiography. “By bending the strings, by trilling my hand — and I have big fat hands — I could achieve something that approximated a vocal vibrato. . . . I was looking for ways to make my guitar sing.”

“I don’t think there’s a better blues guitarist in the world,” Clapton said of Mr. King in a 1968 interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The two collaborated on a double-platinum recording, “Riding with the King,” in 2000. Mr. King’s affinity for rockers had been proven earlier when he joined with U2 on “When Love Comes to Town,” for which they shared an MTV Video Music Award” in 1989.

In 2003, Rolling Stone ranked Mr. King No. 3 on its list of the greatest guitarists of the rock era (behind Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman). One can endlessly debate such rankings. What’s beyond dispute is that Mr. King’s instrument, Lucille, was the world’s most famous guitar.

She got her name in 1949 when Mr. King was performing in Twist, Ark. A fistfight knocked over a kerosene burner, which set the building on fire. Mr. King braved the flames to rescue his guitar. “Damn,” he heard a patron say, “you wouldn’t think two guys would near kill each other over a gal like Lucille.” As of 1996, there had been 17 Lucilles in all.

From Twist juke joints to Carnegie Hall, Mr. King spent decades performing before audiences. Some of his best-known recordings, including “Live at the Regal” (1965) and “King and Bobby Bland … Together for the First Time … Live” (1976), were made in concert. Mr. King ran James Brown a close second for the unofficial title of Hardest-Working Man in Show Business. He played 342 one-nighters in 1956 and well into his 70s averaged 250 appearances a year.

“I enjoy it,” Mr. King said of his touring in a 2004 Globe interview. “I’ve missed 18 days in my 57 years of playing. If they book me, I’ll be there.”

Mr. King’s hard work was evident every night on his face. In his autobiography, he joked that his first wife “used to call me ol’ lemon face because of my facial contortions when I play Lucille. I squeeze my eyes and open my mouth, raise my eyebrows, cock my head, and God knows what else. I look like I’m in torture when, in truth, I’m in ecstasy.”

Mr. King slowly worked his way up from the so-called chitlin circuit, playing before largely African-American audiences, to trading quips with Johnny Carson. (Mr. King was the first bluesman to perform on the “Tonight” show, in 1970.) He crossed over to mainstream popularity as had no other blues performer. Mr. King acted or appeared as himself in several movies, on television sitcoms, and even a soap opera (“General Hospital”).

Mr. King’s popularity extended to business. “B.B. King has turned into a conglomerate,” he wrote with some bemusement in his autobiography. Mr. King endorsed many products over the years, from Burger King to Budweiser, and under his name marketed guitar strings, leisure wear, and even salsa and barbecue sauces. There’s a chain of B.B. King blues clubs.

A key to Mr. King’s widespread popularity was his being no blues purist. He drew on many musical sources. The jazz guitarists Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt strongly affected his playing, though the biggest influence on him was the blues singer-guitarist T-Bone Walker. Mr. King offered a slick, even show-biz presentation. Whenever possible, he included horns in his band. He recorded “The Thrill Is Gone” with a string section.

Mr. King was an unabashed crowd-pleaser. There was nothing dangerous or threatening about him. His obvious affability and the frequent good humor of his music were central to his success. Indeed, Mr. King is responsible for what may be the most slyly witty lamentation in all American music, “Nobody loves me but my mother/And she could be jiving, too.” His work has no hint of the menace of a John Lee Hooker or the ferocity of Muddy Waters.

“From the day I’d started out,” he wrote in “Blues All Around Me,” “I’d been called a rhythm and blues artist. I thought that description fit me. But somewhere in the sixties they droped the ‘rhythm,’ and I became blues only. . . . I think the original label still says it best.”

Riley B. King (the middle initial doesn’t stand for anything) was born on Sept. 16, 1925, in Itta Bene, Miss. He became “B.B.” during the late ’40s, as a Memphis disc jockey, when he was known as the Beale Street Blues Boy. His parents, Albert Lee King and Nora Ella (Farr) King, were sharecroppers. They separated when Mr. King was 4. His mother died when he was 9. He lived on his own for several years, until rejoining his father.

At 12, Mr. King bought his first guitar. It cost him $12. “Never have been so excited,” he wrote six decades later. “Couldn’t keep my hands off her.” Mr. King sang in a gospel quartet (its influence would remain audible in his singing) and sang on street corners. He discovered the blues, in the person of his first cousin once removed, Bukka White, and, via records, through “the open cry of Blind Lemon [Jefferson] and the sweetness of Lonnie Johnson.” He began to go into the nearby town of Indianola on Saturday nights to stand at a nightclub peephole and listen to such visiting performers as Count Basie and Louis Jordan. “I believe I listened harder than anyone in the history of listening,” he later wrote.

Dropping out of school in 10th grade, Mr. King worked as a farm laborer, which earned him an exemption from military service during World War II. He married Martha Lee when he was 18. The marriage ended in divorce, as did a second marriage, to Sue Terry.

Mr. King did not disguise his fondness for the opposite sex. “I’ve been lost in the love of women my whole life,” he once wrote. Mr. King fathered 15 children by 15 different women (his marriages were childless). “That both enriched and complicated my life,” he wrote in “Blues All Around Me.” He was proud of the fact he provided financial support for all of his children and never contested their paternity.

After World War II, Mr. King decided on a musical career and moved from Indianola to Memphis. “It was about 130 miles north,” he said in a 1967 interview with jazz historian Stanley Dance, “but to me that was like going to Europe.”

Mr. King began to earn a name for himself as a performer and DJ. “I’d see all these discs by all these artists from all these labels,” he later wrote, ‘and think to myself, I’m out of the cotton field and in the music field!” He made his first recording in 1949 and had his first hit, “Three O’Clock Blues,” in 1951.

Mr. King was the recipient of honorary degrees from Yale University and the Berklee College of Music. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. That same year, he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. George H.W. Bush presented him with a Presidential Medal of the Arts, in 1990. He was a Kennedy Center honoree in 1995 and in 2006 was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

The B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center opened 2008 in the Indianola cotton mill where Mr. King once worked.

Mr. King frequently gave free concerts for prisoners. Two of his best-known recordings are “Live in Cook County Jail” (1970) and “Live at San Quentin” (1990). With attorney F. Lee Bailey, he began the Foundation for the Advancement of Inmate Recreation and Rehabilitation.

Latin Recording Academy accepting Applications for Grant Programs - March 9, 2015

MIAMI, FLORIDA; March 9, 2015.


First Of Its Kind Grants Available On An International Level  

Four Grants Of A Maximum of $5,000 Will Be Awarded to Scholars, Cultural and Music Institutions for Research and Preservation.

Deadline To Apply Is April 17, 2015 

The Latin GRAMMY Cultural FoundationTM announced today that it will begin accepting applications for its first ever grant programs which will be available to applicants in 24 countries. The Research and Preservation Grant program's goal is to enhance and preserve the rich contribution of Latin music and its makers to the world's culture. Applications are now available at The application deadline is April 17, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

The Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation will offer four grants each with a maximum of $5,000 (U.S.) to assist music and cultural institutions, nonprofit organizations as well as individuals and scholars around the world with projects related to the research and preservation of Latin Music genres. Applicants will be selected through a competitive process guided by a committee of professional experts.  

The two types of grants offered are: 
The Research Grant will support projects of Latin music genres presented by institutions and individuals internationally. Historical music research, anthropology, documentation of music traditions, and  music folklore are encouraged in the following 24 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela. 
The Preservation Grant will support projects presented by institutions and individuals around the world containing efforts that advance the archiving and heritage preservation of Latin music genres in the following 24 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela. To apply and for additional information please visit
News from the Latin Recording Academy.
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