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PDs select 2nd Monty Guy single for Heavy Rotation - October 5, 2017

Program Directors in International Radio select second single from Monty Guy CD for heavy rotation privileges. The first single is called "What You Do To Me".
The song "The Beautiful Magic of You II" is in the CD entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review".
Dear Monty Guy, We are pleased to inform you that your new single ‘The Beautiful Magic Of You II’ began impacting radio on September 16th! It is now in heavy rotation and receiving a strong listener response on the following ten major stations:
KMIX Radio Los Angeles, California  
JXFM Radio Tokyo,  
WNYR Radio New York, New York  
WMBR Radio Rio De Janeiro, 
WCTR Radio Chicago, Illinois  
KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California   
KEDG Radio Sydney,   
KHSX Radio Houston, Texas   
WLDN Radio London, United  
WMIC Radio Miami, Florida  
Thank you Program Directors.

PDs in International Radio Networks Continue to Support Monty Guy - July 29, 2017

PD's in International Radio Networks support Monty Guy.
Program Directors in the Rush XR Network, NILE Radio Network, and Pump XR Hit Music Networks have added the song "What You Do To Me" by Monty Guy to their heavy rotation format playlist. The song is included in the CD collection entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review", which participated in the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration.
The Radio Stations include:KRSH Rush XR Stockholm,
KRSG Rush XR Goteborg,
KRSN Rush XR Oslo,
KRSF Rush XR Helsinki,
KRSD Rush XR Copenhagen,
NILE Radio Network Cairo,
NILE Radio Network Giza,
NILE Radio Network Alexandria,
NILE Radio Network Khartoum,
NILE Radio Nairobi,
Pump XR Hit Music Tel Aviv,
Pump XR Hit Music Jerusalem,
Pump XR Hit Music Beirut,
Pump XR Hit Music Ankara,
Pump XR Hit Music Izmir, 
Trending Regions: Northern Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East

News from The Akademia Radio Division

Monty Guy awarded #1 Pop Chart listing - June 23, 2017

"What You Do To Me" awarded a #1 Pop Chart listing!
KMIX Radio & Station Affiliates; Chart Results.
"Berkshire Media Group recently collated the monthly chart data and provided it to us. 
We are pleased to inform you that your song ‘What You Do To Me’ hit the #1 position on the Pop Charts and held that position for an impressive period of time in the month of May 2017. 
Chart position was established by number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. This accomplishment is a tribute to your talent, hard work and perseverance. We are certain that this is only the beginning of your success". News from the Akademia Music Awards group and Berkshire Media Group.

Avastar Entertainment Network Features Monty Guy Article - June 22, 2017

Avastar Entertainment Network Features Monty Guy promotion article.
In support of the rising popularity of the song "What You Do To Me", the Avastar Entertainment Network has published an article on Monty Guy. The song, one of ten tracks in the CD collection entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review", is being included in the heavy rotation radio playlist format of Program Directors in many well populated communities around the globe.
In addition to receiving a 'Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album Award' from the Akademia Music Awards group, the CD "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" participated in the recent 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration on the Album Of The Year list, and the Pop Vocal Performance list. 
The Monty Guy CD collection is available for direct shipping to local and international music lovers. The catalog content is presented in both disc and download formats by leading digital distributor partners including CB Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and others.
The Avastar Entertainment Network Feature link on Monty Guy is found at:

PDs at Vibe XR Radio & Silk Radio Syndicate add Monty Guy to rotation - June 9, 2017

Program Directors at Vibe XR Radio and Silk Radio Syndicate include "What You Do To Me" by Monty Guy to heavy rotation format.
The song is included in the CD collection entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review". The CD participated in the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration on the Album of the Year list, the Record of the Year list, and the Pop Vocal Performance list. In addition, the CD received a Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album Award from the Akademia Music Awards group. The new trending regions include Eastern United States, and India.
Vibe XR Radio New York, New York USA

Vibe XR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA

Vibe XR Radio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Vibe XR Radio Detroit, Michigan USA

Vibe XR Radio Washington, D.C. USA

Silk Radio Syndicate Mumbai, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Delhi, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Bangalore, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Hyderabad, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Chennai, India

Weekend In Havana; Yalil Guerra - May 28, 2017

Yalil Guerra creates exquisite sound tapestry for film documentary on Havana.
Composer-Musician Yalil Guerra has released a collection of new orchestrations. The work, entitled "Weekend In Havana", is an original documentary score which introduces and accentuates the vibrant, colorful, and multifaceted rhythms of life during a weekend in Havana, Cuba. The production is a cornucopia of musical impressions, inspiration, imagination, and creative talent; embellished with excellent percussion artistry throughout the listening experience.
The collection introduces twenty selections, yet provides a 'quick listen' with its pleasing variety of musical perspectives.
The collection begins with the crisp and exciting "Guerra Mambo". With no loss of passion and originality, the orchestra weaves it's way smoothly through well executed tempo changes and variegated ensemble constructions to the delight of the listener.
Due to the overall quality of the compositions, it is difficult to highlight one or two "stand out" tracks. The song "Del Prado a Palacio" features wonderful strings and nice guitar work, while "Cafe Oriental" showcases the tempo change element we noted earlier; as it glides into a type of Latin Funky groove. "Habana Barroca" also makes good use of the tempo change element. "Tributo a Machito" features a lively brass ensemble soundscape, with "Cha-Cha-Cha Pa Gozar" providing a lovely flute with strings arrangement. The song "Clave y Guaguanco" is a fabulous listen with its jazz-type flavoring. The collection ends with the smooth orchestral ballad "Solo un Milagro, Amor".
As the pieces were designed and constructed for a film documentary, some pieces may appear brief. This seems natural, however, as a weekend experience anywhere would include memories of both short and lingering moments. Yalil Guerra's music work created an air of energetic expectation with regards to viewing the documentary, while the sound experience encourages a listener to want more. 
Thanks to outstanding musical artwork, the documentary appears to promise an exhilarating viewing experience. After listening to this CD, it seems reasonable to secure a ticket and pack the bags to enjoy the adventure and multifaceted excitement of a "Weekend In Havana".

The 3rd Annual THE SOIREE event a success - May 21, 2017

Official video link footage of the Star Studded THE SOIREE event held during the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration.

Library Of Congress Honors Gloria Gaynor - May 6, 2017

Library Of Congress...presents...Bibliodiscotheque Symposium &Disco Dance Party featuring Gloria Gaynor; National Recording Registry Inductee.
The Library Of Congress knows how to throw a party to acknowledge and celebrate the social contributions and magnificent accomplishments of GRAMMY Creators and Members of The Recording Academy.
Dr. Carla Hayden, 14th Librarian of Congress, spearheaded the noteworthy celebration. Yolanda Ayers Baker, Disco Ball Maker, and Toni Grady Lehring, represented Omega National Products.Rhonda Wolfe Friedman, Commissioner, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities was an exceptionally capable moderator.
Martin Scherzinger, NYU Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication was fabulous; as he expertly dissected, presented, and explained the rhythmic elements of percussion in both music and dance from a universal perspective.
Photographer Bill Bernstein shared his contemporaneous photographic proof of the vibrant metamorphosis of the genre and life of the Disco phenomenon, while focusing on the sociological implications  of music creativity. Alice Echols, USC Professor of Contemporary Gender Studies & History accentuated and clarified the socio-contemporary metamorphosis of gender interaction within the framework of the Disco evolutionary milieu.
Robin Roberts, Co-Anchor, Good Morning America, displayed dignity, graceful aplomb, and magnificent empathic presence as she spoke with Gloria Gaynor. Ms. Gaynor moved the attendees with recollections of her inspirations, motivations, challenges, and achievements.
In addition to two floors of wall to wall music fans, supporters of the event included: Colleen Hayden, Mattye Laverne Page (Library Of Congress), Robert Williams CEO at TMarquise Entertainment, Tonya Johnson Health Education Director BCHD, Mildred Simpson Author, Olayimika Cole and Michelle Shellers GRAMMY D.C. Chapter, Aaron Crisler, and Ed Debes Professor of Communication & Music Industry at Harrisburg Area Community College.

PDs in International Radio Continue to Support Monty Guy - May 1, 2017

Program Directors in the International Radio Station milieu continue to support the music of Monty Guy.
The song "What You Do To Me", in the Album "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" was recently placed in heavy rotation at the following exciting radio stations:
KCSL Sol XR Bogota, Colombia

KVSL Sol XR Caracas, Venezuela

KPSL Sol XR San Juan, Puerto Rico

KMSL Sol XR Acapulco, Mexico

KBSL Sol XR Brasilia, Brazil

Wild XR Radio Sydney, Austrialia

Wild XR Radio Melbourne, Austrialia

Wild XR Radio Brisbane, Austrialia

Wild XR Radio Perth, Austrialia

Wild XR Radio Auckland, New Zealand 

Trending Regions: Central & South America, Australia & New Zealand

International Radio Station PDs add Monty Guy to Playlist - March 29, 2017

International Radio Station PDs continue to support Monty Guy music...add 'What You Do To Me' to heavy rotation playlist.Single included in CD "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review". Stations include:
Roots XR Radio Nashville, Tennessee
Roots XR Radio Memphis, Tennessee
Roots XR Radio Dallas, Texas
Roots XR Radio Austin, Texas
Roots XR Radio Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
The Pearl Of Asia Bangkok,
The Pearl Of Asia Singapore,
The Pearl Of Asia Kuala Lumpur,
The Pearl Of Asia Jakarta,
The Pearl Of Asia Ho Chi Minh,
Force 5 Radio Istanbul,
Force 5 Radio Dubai, United Arab
Force 5 Radio Abu Dhabi, United Arab
Force 5 Radio Karachi,
Force 5 Radio Baghdad, 
Trending Regions: Southern United States, Southeast Asia, Middle East

Marquix Global Network Features Monty Guy - March 9, 2017

"Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" participates in 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration.

PDs in International Radio Continue Supporting Monty Guy - March 3, 2017

Program Directors in International Radio add Monty Guy to Heavy Rotation playlist.
The song "What You Do To Me", in the CD  collection entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" continues to be a favorite with the following radio stations:
WZHT Hit XR Toronto,
WMHT Hit XR Montreal,
KVHT Hit XR Vancouver,
WHTO Hit XR Ottawa,
KHTE Hit XR Edmonton,
Arc Radio Network Barcelona,
Arc Radio Network Madrid,
Arc Radio Network Lisbon,
Arc Radio Network Ibiza,
Arc Radio Network

International Radio Stations include new Monty Guy song in Heavy Rotation - February 8, 2017

Funk XR, Amp XR, and Star 100 Radio Networks play Monty Guy Music.
Program Directors in the global network radio system continue to include "What You Do To Me" by Monty Guy in their heavy rotation format. The song is from the CD collection called "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review"; a participant in the current 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration.
Radio stations include:Amp XR Radio Tampa, Florida
Amp XR Radio Miami, Florida
Amp XR Radio Atlanta, Georgia
Amp XR Radio New Orleans, Louisiana
Amp XR Radio Memphis, Tennessee
WSTR Star100 Rio De Janeiro,
WSTG Star100 Guadalajara,
WSTP Star100 Panama City,
WSTS Star100 San Jose, Costa
WSTJ Star100 Kingston,
Funk XR Radio Paris,
Funk XR Radio Berlin,
Funk XR Radio Hamburg,
Funk XR Radio Vienna,
Funk XR Radio Bern,

International Radio Stations add new Monty Guy song in Heavy Rotation - January 9, 2017

International Radio Stations add Monty Guy song to Pop Playlists.
Program Directors have added the song "What You Do To Me" to their Pop Songs rotation playlist. The song is from the new CD collection entitled 'Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review'.
The new radio stations include:The Beat Chicago, Illinois
The Beat St. Louis, Missouri
The Beat Indianapolis, Indiana
The Beat Cleveland, Ohio
The Beat Milwaukee, Wisconsin
KVLC Volt XR Capetown, South
KVTJ Volt XR Johannesburg, South
KVTL Volt XR Lagos,
KVTE Volt XR Cairo,
KVTM Volt XR Casablanca, 
We thank the Program Directors for including "What You Do To Me" in their heavy rotation format, and for acknowledging the participation of the album "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" in the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS

The Recording Academy releases 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Nominations List - December 6, 2016

The Recording Academy releases Nominations List for 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration.
Music Creators submit more  than 22,000 submissions across 84 categories in all genres and styles.
GENERAL FIELDAlbum Of The Year:25 — AdeleLemonade — BeyoncéPurpose — Justin BieberViews — DrakeA Sailor's Guide To Earth — Sturgill Simpson Record Of The Year:"Hello" — Adele"Formation" — Beyoncé"7 Years" — Lukas Graham"Work" — Rihanna Featuring Drake"Stressed Out" — Twenty One Pilots Song Of The Year:"Formation" — Khalif Brown, Asheton Hogan, Beyoncé Knowles & Michael L. Williams II, songwriters (Beyoncé)"Hello" — Adele Adkins & Greg Kurstin, songwriters (Adele)"I Took A Pill In Ibiza" — Mike Posner, songwriter (Mike Posner)"Love Yourself" — Justin Bieber, Benjamin Levin & Ed Sheeran, songwriters (Justin Bieber)"7 Years" — Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest, Morten Pilegaard & Morten Ristorp, songwriters (Lukas Graham) Best New Artist:Kelsea BalleriniThe ChainsmokersChance The RapperMaren MorrisAnderson .Paak POP FIELDBest Pop Vocal Album:25 — AdelePurpose — Justin BieberDangerous Woman — Ariana GrandeConfident — Demi LovatoThis Is Acting — Sia DANCE/ELECTRONIC MUSIC FIELDBest Dance/Electronic Album:Skin — FlumeElectronica 1: The Time Machine — Jean-Michel JarreEpoch — TychoBarbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future — UnderworldLouie Vega Starring…XXVIII — Louie Vega
ROCK FIELDBest Rock Album:California — Blink-182Tell Me I'm Pretty — Cage The ElephantMagma — GojiraDeath Of A Bachelor — Panic! At The DiscoWeezer — Weezer ALTERNATIVE FIELDBest Alternative Music Album:22, A Million — Bon IverBlackstar — David BowieThe Hope Six Demolition Project — PJ HarveyPost Pop Depression — Iggy PopA Moon Shaped Pool — Radiohead R&B FIELDBest Urban Contemporary Album:Lemonade — BeyoncéOlogy — GallantWe Are King — KINGMalibu — Anderson .PaakAnti — Rihanna   RAP FIELDBest Rap Performance:"No Problem" — Chance The Rapper Featuring Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz "Panda" —Desiigner "Pop Style" — Drake Featuring The Throne"All The Way Up" — Fat Joe & Remy Ma Featuring French Montana & Infared"That Part" — ScHoolboy Q Featuring Kanye West  COUNTRY FIELDBest Country Solo Performance:"Love Can Go To Hell" — Brandy Clark"Vice" — Miranda Lambert"My Church" — Maren Morris"Church Bells" — Carrie Underwood"Blue Ain't Your Color" — Keith Urban     JAZZ FIELD Best Jazz Vocal Album:Sound Of Red — René MarieUpward Spiral — Branford Marsalis Quartet With Special Guest Kurt EllingTake Me To The Alley — Gregory PorterHarlem On My Mind — Catherine Russell The Sting Variations — The Tierney Sutton Band GOSPEL/CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MUSIC FIELD Best Gospel Album:Listen —Tim Bowman Jr.Fill This House — Shirley CaesarA Worshipper's Heart [Live] —Todd DulaneyLosing My Religion — Kirk FranklinDemonstrate [Live] —William Murphy Best Contemporary Christian Music Album:Poets & Saints — All Sons & DaughtersAmerican Prodigal — CrowderBe One — Natalie GrantYouth Revival [Live] — Hillsong Young & FreeLove Remains — Hillary Scott & The Scott Family    LATIN FIELDBest Latin Pop Album:Un Besito Mas — Jesse & JoyIlusión — Gaby MorenoSimilares — Laura PausiniSeguir Latiendo — SanalejoBuena Vida — Diego Torres AMERICAN ROOTS MUSIC FIELD Best American Roots Performance:"Ain't No Man" — The Avett Brothers"Mother's Children Have A Hard Time" — Blind Boys Of Alabama"Factory Girl" — Rhiannon Giddens"House Of Mercy" — Sarah Jarosz"Wreck You" — Lori McKenna SPOKEN WORD FIELDBest Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling):The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo — Amy SchumerIn Such Good Company: Eleven Years Of Laughter, Mayhem, And Fun In The Sandbox — Carol BurnettM Train — Patti SmithUnder The Big Black Sun: A Personal History Of L.A.Punk (John Doe With Tom DeSavia) — (Various Artists)Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink — Elvis Costello MUSIC FOR VISUAL MEDIA FIELDBest Song Written For Visual Media:"Can't Stop The Feeling!" — Max Martin, Shellback & Justin Timberlake, songwriters (Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Zooey Deschanel, Walt Dohrn, Ron Funches, Caroline Hjelt, Aino Jawo, Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Kunal Nayyar), Track from: Trolls"Heathens" — Tyler Joseph, songwriter (Twenty One Pilots), Track from: Suicide Squad"Just Like Fire" — Oscar Holter, Max Martin, P!nk & Shellback, songwriters (P!nk), Track from: Alice Through The Looking Glass"Purple Lamborghini" — Shamann Cooke, Sonny Moore & William Roberts, songwriters (Skrillex & Rick Ross), Track from: Suicide Squad"Try Everything" — Mikkel S. Eriksen, Sia Furler & Tor Erik Hermansen, songwriters (Shakira), Track from: Zootopia"The Veil" — Peter Gabriel, songwriter (Peter Gabriel), Track from: Snowden MUSIC VIDEO/FILM FIELDBest Music Video:"Formation" — Beyoncé"River" — Leon Bridges"Up & Up" — Coldplay"Gosh" — Jamie XX"Upside Down & Inside Out" — OK Go PRODUCTION, NON-CLASSICAL FIELDProducer Of The Year, Non-Classical:Benny BlancoGreg KurstinMax MartinNineteen85Ricky Reed 
News from The Recording Academy

Worldwide Radio Stations Support Monty Guy Music - December 5, 2016

News Release
Worldwide Radio Stations support Monty Guy Music
NextXR Radio, and The Street Radio add new single to heavy rotation playlist.
The song "What You Do To Me" is being enjoyed by Friends, Fans, and Supporters in USA, UK, Ireland, Nederlands, Belgium, China, Taiwan, South Korea.
The single is featured on the popular new CD release entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review".
Supporting Radio Stations include:WPRN;;;;;;;;;;
NextXR Radio; Radio; Radio; Radio; Radio;

17th LATIN GRAMMY AWARDS event to be Star-Studded - November 15, 2016

17th ANNUAL LATIN GRAMMY® AWARDS extravaganza promises star- studded gala and stellar performances.
NEWS RELEASEMARC ANTHONY, 2016 LATIN RECORDING ACADEMY PERSON OF THE YEAR HONOREE, AND CURRENT NOMINEE REIK TO PERFORM ON THE 17TH ANNUAL LATIN GRAMMY® STAGE Javier Baez, Bebe, Marilina Bertoldi, Angelique Boyer, Aroldis Chapman, Jackie Cruz, Paula Fernandes, Jacob Forever, Becky G, Kany García, Enrique Iglesias, iLe, Poncho Lizarraga, Diego Luna, Eduardo Magallanes, La Marisoul, Jesús "Chino" Miranda, Niña Pastori, Luciano Pereyra, Draco Rosa, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Sin Bandera, Tommy Torres, Julieta Venegas, and Charlie Zaa Are Set To Present  Sebastián Rulli and Roselyn Sánchez To Host The Biggest Night in Latin Music® Live on the Univision Network Nov. 17, 2016, 8 p.m. ET/PT MIAMI (Nov. 15, 2016) — Latin GRAMMY® winners Marc Anthony and Reik have been added to the stellar group of talented performers and musicians who will take the stage at the 17th Latin GRAMMY Awards®. Presenters for The Biggest Night in Latin Music® — which include current Latin GRAMMY nominees, previous winners, sports figures, and celebrities from film and TV — are current nominees Bebe, Marilina Bertoldi, Paula Fernandes, Jacob Forever, Enrique Iglesias, ile, Poncho Lizarraga (Banda El Recodo), La Marisoul (La Santa Cecilia), Jesús "Chino" Miranda (Chino y Nacho), Niña Pastori, Luciano Pereyra, Sin Bandera, Tommy Torres, Julieta Venegas, and Charlie Zaa as well as Chicago Cubs infielder Javier Báez and pitcher Aroldis Chapman, actress Angelique Boyer, "Orange Is The New Black" actress Jackie Cruz, singer Becky G, Kany García, award-winning actor Diego Luna, legendary music arranger Eduardo Magallanes, Draco Rosa, and "Velvet" series actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre. Five-time Latin GRAMMY and two-time GRAMMY® winner Marc Anthony will be honored as the 2016 Latin Recording Academy® Person of the Year on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at a star-studded gala. Reik is nominated for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album for Des/Amor. Anthony and Reik join previously announced performers: Alexis y Fido; J Balvin; Banda Los Recoditos; Los Fabulosos Cadillacs; Farruko featuring Ky-Mani Marley; Joss Favela, Fonseca, Gente De Zona, Jesse & Joy, Juanes; Mon Laferte; Pablo López; Manuel Medrano; Laura Pausini; Prince Royce featuring Gerardo Ortiz; Las Tres Grandes: Eugenia León, Tania Libertad, and Guadalupe Pineda; Diego Torres featuring Rachael Platten; Carlos Vives; Wisin; and Yandel. Argentine-Mexican actor Sebastián Rulli joins Puerto Rican singer/songwriter and actress Roselyn Sánchez to host the 17th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards live on the Univision Network Nov. 17, from 8–11 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. Central) from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. News from The Latin Recording Academy.

Monty Guy shares feature article link with Fans - November 14, 2016

Monty Guy recently received a ' Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album' award for his recent CD release entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review". In addition, his previously released CD, the well liked "SATIN HEARTBEAT" was selected to receive a "Best Pop Album" Award. Both accolades were bestowed by the Akademia Music Awards organization.

With the ever increasing world wide radio airplay popularity of the CD selection called "What You Do To Me", Monty's Fans, Friends, and Supporters were presented with a revealing feature article culled from an in-depth interview by Andrew Edwards, the well regarded music industry analyst and writer who is associated with the Marquix Global Network. The link to the new feature article is

Monty Guy accepted on 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Entry List - October 26, 2016

The new Monty Guy CD entitled "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" has been accepted by The Recording Academy to participate in the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration scheduled for February 12, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The CD has received a place in the following categories:

Album Of The Year; Record Of The Year (Hot Love Tonight); Song Of The Year (Love For You Is All My Fault); Pop Solo Performance (What You Do To Me); Pop Vocal Album; Arrangement, Instrument and Vocals (Love For You Is All My Fault); Engineered Album, Non-Classical; and Recording Package.

"We attempted to produce a vibrant, yet, varied collection of song material; with a substantive ballad included for balance and enhanced listener appreciation", said Monty. The award from the Akademia Music Group as a 'Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album', indicated that we were on the right track. Also, our graphic design artists understood the project's concept direction, and created a magnificent CD cover art piece for presentation to our Fans, Friends, and Supporters.

It's wonderful to be included in the GRAMMYs. Our best accomplishment, to date, would be the tremendous display of warmth and enthusiastic support which we are receiving from Fans, Friends, and Supporters for our style of music creativity, said Monty. In addition, the opportunity to be included in so many International Radio Station playlists, is a development that causes us to exhibit a most appreciative state of wide eyed exhilaration. Of course, seeing the new CD included and featured so prominently on various 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Entry Lists is a most surprising and gratifying experience for which we will always be both thankful and extremely grateful.

The 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration promises to be both exciting and memorable for Artists, Producers, and Lovers of great music creativity.

MONTY GUY Friends In Motion; David Longoria - October 14, 2016

'The Journey' of the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration is exciting.
The well regarded international trumpeter/singer/music producer David Longoria just introduced his new release.
Known as "The Man with the Golden Horn", David composed and recorded the song "We Are One" to remind, promote, enhance, and inculcate social tolerance, harmony, and  understanding.
This exciting Contemporary Instrumental album called The Journey, is being called groundbreaking for the unique blend of  trumpet work along with an EDM/dance music soundscape. The songs are engaging and memorable.
'The Journey', features the joyful collaboration of more than 600 artists, spanning time, style, and genre, all singing together, to promote unity. The work was a  gigantic logistical and engineering challenge; recorded in numerous international studios including New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Houston, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and many other places. This has never been done before; crafting a pop song with more than 600 artists all singing in unison. The message is inspiring, and may well be significantly more powerful than the song. 
The 59th GRAMMY AWARDS Celebration features Recording Artists who are highlighting and championing social consciousness with their passion, talent, and craftwork.

Shanti Samsara - World Music For Environmental Consciousness; Ricky Kej - October 8, 2016

Shanti Samsara-World Music For Environmental Consciousness, delivered a moving, poignant, and educational experience at the Dolby 88 Theatre venue last night in New York City.
The viewing experience, showed in clear light, exhilarating movement, and stunning motion graphics, the deleterious effects of the global warming phenomenon; from the  disappearance of the inhabited and picturesque nation of Kiribati, to the trauma of species decimation. The painful experience of the, perhaps necessary, though tragic relocation of the elephant population, is revealed through tears flowing from the eyes of those majestic creatures.
Man's inhumanity to man, is again exhibited by the wanton destruction of the rain forests. A startling point regarding those life giving eco-systems is their role as "The lungs of the world",as they convert toxic gases to life giving oxygen for the innumerable species that occupy this planet; while unique and spectacular creations in flora, fauna and species are lost forever from the planet Earth.
The collection of extraordinary videos accentuated the profound presence and life supporting contribution of the River Ganges, popularly and reverently referred to as "Ganga". 
To the delight of many guests, friends, and supporters, Wouter Kellerman accentuated an energetic and exciting evening with artful and passionate music performance embellishment; notwithstanding the solemn and sobering notes sounded by the tragic effects of global warming and the fact of a disappearing Kiribati; as the encroaching front line of destruction moves further afield, while rapidly approaching the very doorstep of all mankind residing upon the planet Earth. 
Ricky Kej, with the magnificent support of over 500 talented music creators from over forty countries, has provided us with a much needed spoonful of sugar with which to contemplate and digest the methods and meaning of humanity's profound, yet fragile, earthly existence and occupation upon the Earth; a shimmering jewel of living sentience coruscating in a grand, unfathomable, yet fascinating Universe.

HOT XR RADIO-HOT FM RADIO plays Monty Guy - October 4, 2016

HOT XR RADIO Network...
...Awards playlist inclusion to the song "What You Do To Me".

In The CD "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review" by Monty Guy.

KHTL Los Angeles, California USA
KHTP Phoenix, Arizona USA
KHTS Shanghai, China
KHTI Istanbul, Turkey
KHTB Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation announces Grant Program - September 14, 2016

The Latin Recording Academy


Applicants can visit Deadline to apply is Nov. 2, 2016

MIAMI (Sept. 13, 2016) —The Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation® is now accepting applications for its 2017 Research and Preservation Grant Program, which was developed to fund projects aiming to protect and disseminate the heritage of Latin music.

Eligible applicants include musical and cultural institutions, nonprofit organizations, and scholars around the world who are leading initiatives related to the research and preservation of Latin music genres. Candidates will be reviewed by a committee of experts from across Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, and the United States.

Four projects will be bestowed with a grant of a maximum value of $5,000 each.

"Our focus and commitment have allowed the Foundation to position itself on the frontline of the preservation of Latin music heritage," said Manolo Diaz, Vice President of the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation. "In a short period of time we have been able to provide funding for important bodies of work, including preserving the digitization of rare 78 rpm analog recordings, the publication of the life works of distinguished Latin composers, as well as compilations of Latin music genres in lead sheet format. These works have painted colorful moments in history while helping to move forward the Latin music we admire today."

Research Grants will fund projects focused on Latin music historical research, anthropology, and folklore among other subjects.

Preservation Grants will support projects aiming to archive and preserve the heritage of Latin music.
The Latin Recording Academy.

Monty Guy Wins Invitation to IMA Celebration - August 11, 2016

Monty Guy wins invitation to Independent Music Awards celebration with the new CD "Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review"; featuring the song "What You Do To Me". Listen now...and enjoy!

WINNER; Best Pop/Alternative Rock Album; Intergalactic Tour and Showtime Review; June 2016; The Akademia Music Awards - June 17, 2016

'Monty Guy's genius resides equally in his deft rhythms and vibrant alt pop vocal constructions - listening to 'Intergalactic Tour And Showtime Review' is a surprising experience, elevated by jazzy flourishes and thoughtful interludes.'
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