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Friends In Motion; Alex Otey

Posted on July 25, 2017 with 0 comments
Love Matters Now; Alex Otey TrioThis new release is a "feel good" production with many wonderful surprises.Alex Otey, known to many as an accomplished trumpet player, demanded much of himself on the "Love Matters Now" project. He reveals himself as a versatile composer with noteworthy  abilities as arranger and producer. He delivers a bold, yet melodic, vocal style with a touch of grit. His piano phrasing and overall keyboard accompaniment is superb with its expressive phrasing.The album is intended as a Jazz Vocal production. This listener enjoyed the Pop element flavoring, with the engaging  'Show tune' type styling.The collection is costumed with a fresh vibrant sound, as the trio is augmented with a complement of guest instrumental artists; including Miss Amy on vocals.The twelve songs are as varied as they are entertaining. "Richie's Bop", while featuring Richie Cole on Alto Sax, includes Alex having fun with interesting vocal phrasing. The song "Living For The Moment" is [...]
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"Priceless"; Christina GaudetChristina Gaudet delivers a fabulous musical effort from wire to wire with her new release entitled "Priceless". Her clear and firey vocal performance commands attention, while it evokes excitement and amazement. Like her previous album "Wild Things", Christina captivates her listeners with an intoxicating formula created with passionately explosive vocals, exciting rock music compositions, great musicianship, and captivating recording production atmosphere.
The thirteen tracks of the album "Priceless", showcase a high octane performance from beginning to end; with only a slight downshift to an exhilarating high throttle groove in preparation for the song "A Million Years"; a wonderful ballad about a lasting love.
The album provides material for energetic dancing pleasure. "Girl Anthem" is created with an interesting arrangement and an infectious beat. "Look Here" is expected to thrill and encourage listeners to enjoy their dance experience. The song "Revolt" [...]
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Haiti Mwen Renmenw; Natalie Jean
Natalie Jean's new release celebrates the beauty of Haiti through song. The vocal message is delivered in Haitian Creole; with a touch of French. Language is not an issue. There is no reason for concern, due to the universal appeal of the medium of music; a familiar common denominator in spoken language.
"Haiti Mwen Renmenw" is a bold artistic creation. It speaks to the wealth of material in indigenous experiences and cultural inspiration which is available to all creative artists. The ubiquitous understanding shared by all music lovers is well supported by this new musical  release. It is intended for the "World" category. If it were a painting, it could be found around the Dali/Peter Max/Avant Garde/modernistic section. It provides vibrant color, entertainment, and food for thought.
The CD's hallmark features may well be Natalie Jean's passionate emotional delivery and originality. She boldly stepped beyond the familiarity of earlier material.The [...]
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Friends In Motion; Tania Stavreva

Posted on July 23, 2017 with 0 comments
Rhythmic Movement; Tania Stavreva
I'm breathless, emotionally energized, amazed, fascinated, and enchanted by the abilities of human artistic achievement after listening to "Rhythmic Movement" by Tania Stavreva.
First, the manufacturer of the piano she used must be proud. The sound and mechanical response to the artist's interpretation desires are outstanding elements.
Then we have this artist's ability to infuse her performance with passion, drama, and excitement! She presents her craft work with clear, clean, precise, and deliberately executed excellent instrumentation.
While listening to "Rhythmic Movement", this listener recalled the stylings of McCoy Tyner, Art Tatum, and, perhaps a nuclear hi-tech Scott Joplin. 
There are fourteen tracks in this collection. Those who love traditional classical music may be enlightened with the Rock-type perspective. Those who love rock can't help but be moved by the representation of outstanding classical form. Overall, it is easy to recall the [...]
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"Weekend In Havana" enjoys successful broadcast premiere on PBS television.
The Public Broadcasting Service recently presented an in depth and substantive documentary about the nation of Cuba. As you know, Cuba is located in the Caribbean region; a few miles south of Florida, USA.
The documentary is a short viewing hour in length. The content focuses on various social characteristics of the Cuban culture: its varied and energetic history, its devotion to religious values, its love of architecture, music, and dance. The passion of its citizens for overall community well being is clearly visible in the documentary; due to the outstanding quality of expertise interjected by film recording technicians.
The "Weekend In Havana" documentary also spoke of Cuba's long lasting love affair with many of Hollywood's film stars, along with the popular appreciation of exquisitely styled classic American automobiles. It is interesting to note that author Ernest Hemingway considered Cuba to be the relaxing [...]
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