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Friends In Motion; Sophia Agranovich, Robert Schumann-Carnaval and Fantasie

Posted on October 5, 2017 with 0 comments

Sophia Agranovich; Robert Schumann: Carnaval and Fantasie.
Sophia Agranovich is a well regarded concert pianist of the classical genre. She is recognized as a Steinway Artist, Global Music Awards Gold Medal Winner, and Juilliard graduate. In addition, she has garnered international acclaim as an award winning soloist, chamber musician, recording artist, esteemed teacher, and educator.
Sophia is "a bold, daring pianist...", affectionately referred to as "A tigress of the keyboard"; admired for infusing her performances with "magnificent shading and superior musicianship".
Sophia's new recorded work is entitled "Robert Schumann: Carnaval and Fantasie". While being true to the style and prestige of the classical music genre, Sophia is able to attract and capture the attention and affection of contemporary music lovers with her passionate interpretations of the immortal masterpieces. She displays flawless execution as she courageously leaps into the heart of the compositions which she performs.
Sophia presents her solo classical piano work with effervescent energy, and a sparkle that excites and enthralls her listener. She performs classical music in a contemporary manner that is as engaging as it is fascinating.
With the capable support of Joseph DeVico, producer and engineer, the CD content is presented in a lively manner that allows lovers of both the classical and contemporary genres to enjoy the excellence of earlier composers, while being awestruck by Sophia's passionate and skilfull artistic interpretations. Instead of presenting one long music performance comprised of numerous movements, Sophia presents selected movements as "tracks"; thereby inviting her audience to have an intensely moving experience.This proves to be a delight to contemporary music fans. The production approach of Sophia's new CD, allows a listener to marvel at the intricacies of classical music, while remaining invigorated and satisfied at the end of the disc 'performance'. Quite simply, Sophia Agranovich is awesome!