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Friends In Motion; Max Highstein, Flying Not Falling

Posted on September 29, 2017 with 0 comments

"Flying Not Falling"; Max Highstein
Max Highstein presents an intriguing and refreshing album collection. The instrumentation includes "piano, flute, oboe, sax, cello, bass, percussion and mystery instruments of all kinds"; with exquisite vocalization by Willa Roberts.
'Flying Not Falling' demanded a second listen before attempting commentary. The first review allowed this listener to enjoy the glow caused by having a type of inner silent secret that makes one smile privately; while it continues to percolate, thereby encouraging an uncompromising need to share the cause of the inner bliss. The second listening experience engendered a sense of calm, satisfaction, and enjoyment.
The title track sounded like a type of medieval and calypso-ish soundscape, with its uplifting, fresh, and pleasing instrumental arrangement; a consistently wonderful creative element throughout the CD.
Max flawlessly melds apparent conceptual sound extremes; with delicately fluid contributions by outstanding music technicians. The substantive eleven tracks presentation moves along in a smooth and energetic, yet peaceful manner which causes the passing of time to appear almost inconsequential. Max allows his listener to become  enveloped in the ecstasy of sound to the delight of the soul.
'Flying Not Falling' by Max Highstein is an original collection of envigorating instrumental creations; embellished with superb vocalizations not usually present in the genre. The work displays elements of calmness, euphoria, adventure, and an elevated sense of well-being that is consistently buoyed with fresh musical insights that allow a listener freedom of thought, enjoyment, and fulfilling participation. 
Quite frankly, the delightfully contemporary instrumental stylings of Max Highstein shows 'Flying Not Falling' to be a versatile collection that offers many fine tracks, each of which qualifies for multiple listens any time, any place, and on any occasion.