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Friends In Motion; Alex Otey

Posted on July 25, 2017 with 0 comments

Love Matters Now; Alex Otey Trio
This new release is a "feel good" production with many wonderful surprises.
Alex Otey, known to many as an accomplished trumpet player, demanded much of himself on the "Love Matters Now" project. He reveals himself as a versatile composer with noteworthy  abilities as arranger and producer. He delivers a bold, yet melodic, vocal style with a touch of grit. His piano phrasing and overall keyboard accompaniment is superb with its expressive phrasing.
The album is intended as a Jazz Vocal production. This listener enjoyed the Pop element flavoring, with the engaging  'Show tune' type styling.
The collection is costumed with a fresh vibrant sound, as the trio is augmented with a complement of guest instrumental artists; including Miss Amy on vocals.
The twelve songs are as varied as they are entertaining. "Richie's Bop", while featuring Richie Cole on Alto Sax, includes Alex having fun with interesting vocal phrasing. The song "Living For The Moment" is a tight rock and roll type song with an encouraging life style sentiment as its message; enhanced with a superb guitar touch.
The gem in the "Love Matters Now" collection may well be the song "After All This Time". This track features Alex delivering the solo vocals with his able piano support.
"Different Man" suggests the wisdom and life long benefits of choosing a sound partner, while "Days Go By" is a wonderful song with palatable vocal texturing, color, and phrase variation; to which Alex adds an appropriate trumpet touch.
The title track "Love Matters Now", and "You're The One For Me" prepare the listener to enjoy the final track "Cliche' ", which is an up tempo ensemble presentation that demands an instant replay.
"Love Matters Now" is engaging, up tempo, versatile, and entertaining. It shows energy, talent, and creativity harnessed and well utilized.